Field Studies: Walking through Landscapes and Archives by Chrystel Lebas brings together photographs, texts and archival materials gathered since 2011. Lebas has been working in collaboration with The Natural History Museum in London, using an unexplored collection of landscape Glass plate photographs and field notes taken by British botanist and ecologist Sir Edward James Salisbury (1886-1978) in the British Isles. ‘Over 100 years later, Chrystel Lebas adopts this same state of travel, transported by Salisbury’s historic
photographs. Her subject is—just like Salisbury’s was—the study of landscape environments and their inhabitant plants. Through photography and film Lebas traces the continual encounters between the forces of the wind and the sea with humans, animals, and plants.’ Bergit Arends

“Interested in exploring colonial modernity reflected in western gardens, I began photographing museum gardens and making black-and-white screen prints – a mass culture medium confronting classical aesthetics. Then, I reprinted a series of auction labels I had archived in the United States on various office sticker materials and collaged them spontaneously over the prints. These labels, which get removed from their value-adding functions, are now reduced to disruptors of visual experience.”